KA-ZAR #12


“Wizard of Forgotten Flesh”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artist: Russ Heath

Ka-zar and Tongah are hunting when two men painted in Zebra stripes come to them. They are from the swamp people and need help in defeating the evil shaman Zaurai and the high priestess Sheesa. Zaurai plans to conquer the Savage Land with an army of the undead. So Ka-zar, Tongah and Zabu head out to stop him. They capture a triceratops to help them. After fighting off Zaurai’s lizard-men the group reach the hidden village. They free the captured rebels and manage to defeat the lizard-men. Its too late though because Sheesa manages to put the lizard head onto the human skeleton and awaken an army of undead warriors.

This is an interesting adventure for Ka-zar. The tribe is both black and white and will paint themselves as zebras in a sign of unity. Moench doesn’t use the black vs. white in this tale. Indeed both races are represented in the rebels and Zaurai’s followers which is quite refreshing. This one has everything you need in a Ka-zar tale. Lost hidden tribe. Dinosaurs. An evil shaman and a beautiful scantily clad woman. It also ends in a cliffhanger so you want to find out what happens in the next issue.

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