“Down in the Bottom”
Writer & Artist: Timothy Truman

April 2015. It is 15 years that the civil war has raged. Scout during this time retreated to live in the mountains. He married and had two sons Victor & Tahzey. Now his wife has died and Scout must take his sons to find someplace safe to live. Raiders have already found the small valley they live in and it is getting too dangerous to stay there. Meanwhile in Armadillo Rosa Winters and her army are brutally executing men for there resistance to her government.

“Indian Country A Journey Through the Southwest in a Rented Ford Taurus”
By Timothy Truman

Truman and his wife traveled through the southwest in Arizona and New Mexico. With the pictures they took of the Grand Canyon and Monument Valley. He visits the reservations of the Navajo and Apache. He goes into the history of the area. A very enjoyable article.

The first in a new Scout series. Truman does a great job of setting up the new series. The story is told by an interview with a doctor and a grown up Victor in 2030. Scout is now a father with two young sons. America is now a failed state that has fallen into various enclaves. Rosa Winters is trying to reunite the country and using very brutal tactics. The artwork has a grandeur about it with its beautiful Southwest scenery. I look forward to exploring this new world.

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