Writer & Artist: Mike Grell

Morgan is saying good-bye to his friends in Wizard World. He put the sword Hellfire into its scabbard and off he goes. Instead of ending up back in Skartaris he finds himself in a living room. It looks like a typical house in the suburbs of an east coast city. Suddenly Morgan is challenged by an Amazon named Agnes. She seems intent on killing Morgan and the two clash swords. Agnes gets disarmed and knocked downstairs into the rec room. There she reaches into the gun cabinet for the shotgun when a voice cries “Foul”. Two figures are watching from another dimension and one argues that Agnes being a primitive would have no knowledge of firearms. Thus Agnes disappears and a bartender materializes and offers Morgan a drink.

Morgan takes the drink which is obviously a mistake since it was drugged. Then some cultists come and take Morgan to the kitchen where they will sacrifice him using an electric knife. The two figures roll dice and Morgan awakens and takes out the cultists but not before one sacrifices himself with the electric knife. A flame demon comes out of the stove and knocks Morgan outside. Luckily the dice roll again and when the fire demon throws a car it hits a fire hydrant and extinguishes itself. Finally Morgan rushes into the burning house and fights Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. One armed with an ax and the other a chainsaw. After defeating them Morgan is transported home. At the end it is revealed that Mike Grell and Jack Harris are playing a role-playing game and dressed as Greek Gods.

This story just happens to be one of my favorites. The writer Grell and the editor are actually characters in the story. This story was based on a nightmare that the editor Jack Harris had. This was a really unique and witty story with its odd setting and goofy enemies that stand out. I love that real people associated with the comic are guest starring as gods playing a game with Morgan’s fate. Sort of what they do with every issue when you think about it. This was clearly an issue that was done purely for fun by Grell and stands as one of my favorite issues.

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