“The Sahara Connection!”
Writer: Carole Seuling
Artist: Ross Andru

The evil El Montano or “The Mountainous One” is enslaving members of the peaceful Fulani tribe. They are taken by his Arab henchmen to his fortress in the Sahara. Shanna hears about this from Jakura Singh a Shield agent. Shield wants Shanna to stop El Montano because he is going to hijack a French rocket being launched in the Sahara. A scheduled moon shot the rocket has been stuffed with over a billion in heroin. So El Montano can get drugs and ransom the rocket back to the French. Shanna agrees to stop him and free the slaves. So with her two leopards Biri and Ina heads on out. They at first get captured but Shanna manages to break free and with her leopards takes out the Arab henchmen. They also have to defeat his pet Siberian wolves. Finally it ends when he is trying to escape by crossing a wooden plank over the slave pens. His weight breaks the plank and he falls into the pit and faces the revenge of those he enslaved.

Well the French have some great security. A technician sells the technology to hijack the rocket and they can’t stop over a billion in heroin being smuggled onto the rocket. Its a good thing Shanna is around because she seems to be the only competent person around. This was a great second story. El Montano would make a great Bond villain. Big larger than life with a secret underground complex. Its full of armed men and high tech gizmos and he uses wind sail-ships on the Sahara. He also doesn’t just kill an enemy when they are captured but allow them time to escape much to his regret. Finally Shanna looks awesome in her leopard skin furkini.

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