KA-ZAR #11


“The Devil-God of Sylitha!”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artist: Don Heck

The god of Tordon-Na has delivered a proclamation that the high priest’s son must be sacrificed. Ka-zar speaks out about this and immediately is set upon by the evil priest’s followers. Ka-zar and Zabu manage to fight their way out of the temple with the help of Ilyana who is the fiancĂ© of the high-priests son. They manage to find an underground river next to a sacred tomb. The river takes them outside the city and they have to fight off a bunch of giant boa constrictors. They eventually make their way back to the city and Ka-zar exposes the evil priest Sylitha’s plot. He was putting drugs in the incense that was burning in the temple. It made the people think that their god came alive and gave the death sentence. Ka-zar uses the incense to make it look like the giant statue is falling on Sylitha and he dies of fright. Ka-zar and Zabu continue on for new adventures.

This wasn’t a bad story. I guess my main problem is the plot holes in the whole thing. Like how did Ka-zar know of the drugged incense. How did this incense work. Ok this is a Ka-zar comic so I suppose a lot of suspension of disbelief is needed but this is just a little too sloppy. The next issue promises a new era with new characters and stunning visuals so looking forward to where the series is going.


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