“No America”
Writers: John Ostrander & Kim Yale
Artist: Gary Kwapisz

Its 2014 and the civil war is nearing an end. The plane Rosa Winters is on is shot down. The Israelis have betrayed Rosa to President Loper in exchange for getting the Pope. It doesn’t do any good for them as Loper then manages to get ahold of Winter’s diary and have it published. Now all the dirty laundry is exposed including Israel’s and the Free States involvement with assassinations. Winters does survive the crash and a team of specialists managed to save her but in the process turns her into a cyborg. She manages to steal from Loper’s bank account and hire out a division of armor from the Swords of Texas. This force manages to ambush Loper’s forces around El Paso and Winters is victorious. She hunts down Loper and kills him as he is making a plea for help on TV. Winters then announces that she is taking over the government.

An so the final entry in this mini-series comes to an exciting end. The civil war seems to be resolved and Winters comes out on top. She is now more machine than human. It was an exciting ending that leaves a lot of questions on the future which should be explored in the new Scout series. This was the better of the two mini-series. It explored what was happening in the world and Winters is a tragic figure. Sort of like Darth Vader. Starts out young and idealistic and ends up a bitter cyborg. A great set up for the new series.

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