“Sword of the Sorcerer”
Writer & Artist: Mike Grell

The grateful dwarves decide to give Morgan a gift for getting rid of the hawkmen. The gift is the sword Hellfire. Morgan notices that there is a place in the hilt where his broken Hellfire gem that he carries will fit. When he puts it in he is suddenly transported to the past. He finds himself in the palace of Wralf the Wretched and coincidently his two friends Machiste and Mariah are there. They came with Mongo Ironhand to seek help from the wizard in returning back to their own time. Wralf is a very disagreeable sort and he immediately notices that Morgan holds the same sword that he does. A fight between the two ends when Morgan shatters the Hellfire gem in Wralf’s sword thus we find out how the Hellfire gem was split in the first place. The Hellfire sword then of its own power thrusts forward through Wralf’s throat. The sword is a talisman against magic but must always taste blood. The sword can transport Morgan back to Skartaris but his friends will still be trapped in Wizard World.

So this issue Morgan visits Wizard World. He gets to find out what happened to his friends Machiste and Mariah. The two seem happy with their circumstances and that they have each other. So there is still more possible adventures in the Wizard World in future stories. Morgan also gets a new sword. A sword that makes the welder immune to any magic. A very useful tool in his fight against Deimos. It does foreshadow trouble ahead what with the sword having a mind of its own and demanding blood anytime that its drawn.

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