Writer: Roy Thomas
Artist: Tony DeZuniga

Hugo Danner is working as a sailor on a ship headed toward Marseille. A child falls over and he jumps in to rescue him. He manages to break a shark’s jaw in the process. When the ship lands a fellow American seeks him out at a café. While there it is announced that war has broken out with Germany. Hugo decides to join the Foreign Legion and his new friend accompanies him. They then have to fight off thugs who try to rob them and Hugo uses his superhuman strength to easily take them out.

Thus we then flashback to Hugo’s origin. His father was a doctor that developed a serum derived from insects to give super strength and invulnerability. His first test is a little kitten that goes on to terrorize the countryside killing cattle. The doctor poisons it but decides to try this serum out on his newborn son. The son grows up with super strength, can leap great distances and invulnerable skin. He goes to college and becomes a successful football player. After his parents go bankrupt he gets a job as a strongman at Coney Island. When he returns to college football he accidentally kills a man and that is what brought him to his current position.

So in the Legion his great strength manages to take on the Germans singlehandedly and get him noticed by the generals. He is about to go to Berlin but the mission is cancelled because the war is over. He is left wondering what a superhuman man like him can do in a world at peace.

“Philip Wyle”
By Don & Maggie Thompson

An article on the life and works of author Philip Wylie whose book this feature story was based on. An interesting article and make me interested in checking out some of his work.

“Supermen In Science Fiction”
By Don & Maggie Thompson

An article on the history of supermen in the history of literature from the ancient Greeks to the present. An ok article that gets a little dry here and there.

This story is the adaptation of Philip Wylie’s novel Gladiator. It is the first modern Superman and was probably the inspiration for the Superman character. Hugo Danner is a tragic figure. His great power is more of a curse since he can’t live a normal life. An interesting story but somewhat depressing. This was the first half of the book and the second was never adapted because it was probably so depressing. I still would have liked to read the conclusion and one day may check out the book.

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