“Shanna the She-Devil!”
Writers: Carole Seuling & Steve Gerber

A poacher by the name of Ivory Dan is hunting elephants. Luckily Shanna and her leopard friends Bini and Ina are there to stop him. Ivory Dan is a real dickweed and has trouble getting the hint after his first ass kicking. He tries again and once again gets his ass kicked. He ends up getting trampled by the elephants he was trying to hunt.

Also after Shanna is knocked out she has a flashback to her old life. Its a sad life. As a little girl her big game hunting father accidentally shoots her mother. As an adult Shanna becomes a veterinarian at the New York zoo. Vandals one night break in and shoot all the big cats. Only two leopard cubs survive. She decides to take the job offer to bring them back to Africa and teach them to live in the wild. While there she becomes Shanna the She-Devil.

The first issue for a new comic book character. Back in the early ’70s Marvel introduced female characters to generate interest in comics. Now clearly Shanna is a rip off of the old pulp character Sheena. She has the same leopard skin costume and lives in the African jungle. Even her name is similar. The only difference is she is a redhead instead of a blonde. Thankfully Shanna became her own character in the Marvel universe. She has in interesting origin unique from Sheena and becomes a character in her own right. She is smart, tough and incredible sexy. A great start for this character.

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