KA-ZAR #10


“Beyond the Vale of Savage Time”
Writers: Doug Moench & Gerry Conway
Artist: John Buscema

Ka-zar and Zabu are attacked by a giant ape. They manage to kill the ape but are seriously injured in the fight. Ka-zar passes out and later awakens in a howdah on the back of a mastodon. The mastodon is part of a caravan on its way to Tordon-Na. Ka-zar and Zabu are welcomed by the high priest Sanda. Ka-zar and Zabu are peacefully allowed to recuperate and find the inhabitants friendly except for Slytha. Slytha a lower priest with an ambition to become the high priest. One night four assassins come to kill Ka-zar and Zabu. They are easily defeated but Slytha accuses Ka-zar of being the aggressor. He is taken to the temple for trial by their god Ilak-Aron. Ilak-Aron is a giant bald fat statue that talks. Its judgment is Ka-zar is innocent but the high priest is guilty for allowing a stranger into their city. His son Durnon is sentenced to be a blood sacrifice.

Ka-zar is back to its excellent self after the depressing last issue. We are once again introduced to another mysterious and exotic civilization. It also ends on a cliffhanger so we can look forward to the next issue. Its interesting how diverse the civilizations are in the Savage Land. There have been ones based on European, African, Aztec and now Indian. The place has attracted a real cross-section of the human race. Not to mention the various prehistoric ones. A fun series.


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