“The Black Widow: I Got the Yo Yo, You Got the String”
Writer: Ralph Macchio
Artist: Paul Gulacy

Natasha Romanova the Black Widow is assigned on a mission by SHIELD. They want her to go to a secret fortress in South Africa and assassinate Irma Klausvichnova. Irma trained Natasha when she was in the KGB. Now she has to assassinate her former friend because she is in charge of a weapons depot used to support Marxist revolutions. When she gets there things go wrong from the start. She doesn’t meet her contact and the train that arrives at the fortress is attacked by British special forces. She finds Irma but she is killed by her contact who is the real traitor. Irma was a Shield agent named Stacy Cromwell who assumed Irma’s identity. Natasha is saved by her old lover who was using her to flush out the double agent.

“Lady Daemon: By Virtue of Blood!”
Writer: Chris Claremont
Artist: Michael Golden & Terry Austin

The Daemon sisters grow up at their clan’s castle in the early twentieth century. The two practice the black arts and get their parents killed. The older one Alisabeth goes off leaving the younger Megan in charge. Megan with her friend a British Army officer uncover a plot of Alisabeth in conducting human sacrifices at Stonehenge. When they arrive they are captured and the next thing they find themselves on the Hindenburg. Alisabeth continues to use her powers with help from powers drawn from Megan. She draws demons from the dark dimension. A fight results in the famous Hindenburg disaster.

“Daughters of the Dragon: Safe Streets”
Writer: Chris Claremont
Artists: Marshall Rogers & Bob McLeod

Misty Knight and Colleen Wing are private investigators for their firm Nightwing Restorations. Misty is a former cop who has a bionic arm. Colleen is trained as a samurai. The two investigate the murder of a NYPD cop. It takes them to a childhood friend of Misty. Seems she was turned into a vampire. The neighborhood she lives in made a pact with a vampire. The vampire would get a safe place to live if it got rid of the criminals. The vampire’s price is that every year a volunteer is turned into a vampire.

This is the first of the newly renamed title for the old Marvel Preview series. Bizarre Adventures does have a ring to it and the idea of truly bizarre stories does have an appeal. This issue was titled Lethal Ladies or as I like to call it the Hot Chicks who can kick-ass. The first with the Black Widow was excellent. Plenty of action and plot twists. I liked the old cold war themes that were still fresh back then. Also beautiful artwork by Gulacy made this a treat.

Lady Daemon was also intriguing idea. We get another conspiracy behind why the Hindenburg blew up. Some of the story I did find confusing but it has a lot of potential.

The Daughters of the Dragon was the best. It was pure ’70’s with its kung fu/samurai action. Throw in bionic arm and vampires in New York. The whole idea behind these two women is guaranteed to make a fun story.

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