Writer: Cary Burkett
Artist: Gray Morrow

Sheena rescues the reporter Vic Casey and his friend from a group of lions. Vic wants to help Sheena for he has proof that the shaman didn’t assassinate the king. Unfortunately the shaman just passed away and the new king is coming with his mercenary army. Sheena and Vic attempt to slow down the convoy by taking out the fuel truck but the evil king doesn’t play fair. He uses the helicopter to start killing the animals and force the two to surrender. The king makes a deal with Vic for the photos showing how his brother died in exchange for giving the Zambuli their independence.

Well the plan runs into a snag when the jealous girlfriend decides to take Sheena up in the copter and drop her over the village. Sheena mentally calls flamingos to her rescue and crashes the copter with her as the only survivor. This rallies the Zambuli and with the help of the animals they rout the evil football player brother.

The conclusion to the 1984 movie. They did a good job of adapting the movie. I think it stuck close to the script. Been a while since I seen this movie. I do have it on DVD so maybe I’ll watch it again. It was your typical cheezy ’80s movie. Big hair, action and some gratuitous nudity thrown in. So ends my review of the Sheena comics.


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