“The Man Who Hunted Dinosaur!”
Writer: Gerry Conway
Artists: John Buscema & Sonny Trinidad

Ka-zar comes upon a Alkylosaur who has been killed by a hunter. The Alkylosaur is a harmless herbivore and it was killed purely for sport. Ka-zar sets out to find this hunter. The hunter is Tomas a son of the chief and the last hunter in his tribe. The hunters of the village tried to bring down a mammoth. Tomas managed to kill it but all the other hunters were killed. Now the village relies on his brother Gregor who is a farmer. The old village chief close to death decides to make Gregor the new chief. This enrages Tomas who in a fit of rage knifes his brother then runs off. He is killed by the mate of the Alkylosaur.

Well this Ka-zar was a bit of a let down. A very depressing issue what with all the senseless death. Tomas kills a harmless dinosaur and a pterodactyl. Then he kills his brother. Even at the end Ka-zar tries to save Tomas and ends up killing the Alkylosaur. I guess the moral of this was hunting is bad. A kind of senseless and depressing issue.

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