“A Scream of Anastasia”
Writers: John Ostrander & Kim Yale
Artist: Gary Kwapisz

Michael Stroganoff is a self-made man. After making a fortune he takes advantage of the collapse of the US government to form the Kingdom of Alaska and him as the king. The kingdom is in reality a puppet of the two major powers in the north Canada and the USSR. These powers see the kingdom as a useful buffer state. The Soviets have their military bases and the Canadians control the oil fields. Stroganoff walks a fine line in not aligning himself too closely with one of the powers. Craig Creek and Avner believe that its in the best interests of both Israel and America that the two powers have a falling out.

So a Columbian drug lord comes with his daughter who has been arranged to be married to the crown prince. In the retinue is Rosa Winters. She and the other Israeli agents have managed to infiltrate the palace. They assassinate the royal family. Both the Soviets and Canadians think its the other that has attacked. It leaves a sore wound in relations between the two powers that never heals.

The second was a fascinating story. An independent kingdom of Alaska. The royal family lives in opulence in an ornate palace. There are tracked limos to carry guest and a sledge pulled by polar bears. Its another fascinating look into the world that exists in this alternate dystopian future. Rosa is a lot harder and has a cybernetic hand with a built in gun wired to her brain. She does decide to save the young daughter of the family and raise her as her own. Giving her a touch of humanity that exists within her.

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