“Land of the Titans”
Writer & Artist: Mike Grell

Morgan washes up on the shore of an island and is immediately assaulted by two giants. He kills one but the other uses an energy weapon to knock him out. He is taken to a city and awakened before the queen. The island is the home of the Titans a race of seven now six giants. The queen sentences Morgan to death. Morgan though is helped by a beautiful woman of normal size named Shakira. She wants Morgan’s help in escaping. The attempt fails but not before Morgan kills two more of the giants. For this Morgan and Shakira are sentenced to die in the arena by a raging rhinoceros like beast. Shakira manages to have the beast run into the wall causing it to collapse. Once through the opening the two make short work of the other giants. Then they take one of the flying disks and leave for the mainland.

Another interesting adventure for Morgan. A race of giants and a big climactic fight. The big significance of this issue is the introduction of Shakira. She will become one of Morgan’s most reliable companions in his adventures. A beautiful woman in a black furkini, she is strong, independent and mysterious. Oh and she can turn into a cat. Shakira is one of my favorite characters in this series and a perfect companion for Morgan. So welcome to the woman who can change into a cat or is that a cat who can change into a woman. We never find out that mystery throughout the entire series and its subsequent incarnations.

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