Writer: Cary Burkett
Artist: Gray Morrow

A missionary couple are investigating the miraculous healing properties of the dirt on the sacred mountain of the Zambuli tribe. A cave-in kills the couple and orphans their young daughter. She is taken in my the shaman because of a prophecy and named Sheena. Sheena grows learning the secrets of communicating with animals and becomes the protector of the jungle.

One day the shaman goes to the capital city because of a vision that the kings life is in danger. It turns out she was right for the brother who is now a football player for the Washington Redskins is conspiring to assassinate his brother and assume the kingship. He will then gut the Zambouli land to get the valuable titanium. He has the shaman framed for the murder but Sheena comes with her animal friends and frees her. Following in pursuit is an American reporter.

I couldn’t end the Sheena reviews without doing the adaptation of the ’80s movie. A smash hit as the cover proclaims is probably not an accurate description. Its one of those forgotten movies because it was neither real bad or real good to be remembered. I liked the movie and Marvel did a good job of adapting the film. The exciting conclusion in the next issue.


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