“Down Into …The Volcano!”
Writer: Gerry Conway
Artists: John Buscema & Alfredo Alcala

Zabu has been captured by a high priest from the city of Gondora. Gondora was started by a mysterious man with power to kill with his staff. He had the local farmers build a city next to the volcano where they would have monthly sacrifices. The inhabitants are now a decadent and evil lot. Zabu is scheduled for the monthly sacrifice. Ka-zar manages to infiltrate the city and with the help of a kindly old man and his family. The fight reveals that the leader is an overweight old man with glasses from the outer world. He developed a laser but was fired by the army so decided to head out and form his own empire in the Savage Land. Ka-zar frees Zabu and with the old man and his family flee the city before the volcano erupts.

Another great story. Once again we are treated to a mysterious civilization. This is what Ka-zar should be about, exploring this Savage Land and adventures with the inhabitants. This story seemed to get its inspiration from the bible and the story of Sodam and Gomorrah. An evil city with one good family. The wife at the end stays too long out of curiosity to watch the eruption and gets caught in the blast. She is an ash covered statue. Lots wife? With the Moby Dick inspired story from last issue Conway is influenced by some great classic literature.


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