“Head Out on the Highway”
Writer: Charles “Tex” Dixon
Artist: Ben “San Antoine” Dunn

The Swords of Texas are traveling through commie Mexico hoping to avoid any trouble. But trouble seems to find them. First they are ambushed by a group of brigands that have been following them since Texas. Later they have a run in with a Mexican giant robot. They finally make the meeting with the rebels in the Baja. They then find out that they are expected to actually take part in the fighting.

“Kickin’ Asphalt!!”
Writer: Stephen Scott “Beau” Smith
Artist: Henry “?” Flint

Beau La Duke, his brothers and the Reverent Yuma arrive at their families amusement park. The La Dukes don’t have time for a family reunion as Shady Floyd and his thugs attack. It ends promising tag team wrestling, unlimited gunplay and fine Italian shoes.

The third issue seems to go real fast. Not a lot of plot development but it does promise tons of action in the final issue. Definitely looking forward to it.



“Return of the Gladiator”
Writer & Artist: Mike Grell

Morgan comes upon a Theran outpost that was sacked and the soldiers killed. Attacked by a woman who is the only survivor he finds out that the outpost was attacked by his old rebel army. The army has now become nothing more than common brigands. Tracking down the band he finds it under the command of Ghedron. Ghedron was a captain in Machistes palace guard who was ordered to throw the cursed ax into the volcano from issue 7. Ghedron instead embraced the evil ax and now leads Morgan’s former army of freedom fighters. Morgan challenges him to a dual that he easily wins. Disgusted with what his former comrades have become he tells them that they have to make their own decisions and heads off.

“Hound from Hell”
Writer & Artist: Mike Grell

Machiste and Mariah find themselves in the castle of Mongo Ironhand in Skartaris past when wizards and magic ruled. They are confronted with a three-headed hound that has come through the same tear in time that they arrived from. Luckily Mongo manages to come up with a spell that turns the dangerous beast into a three-headed bunny rabbit. He has used up his luck and magic with that trick for he is unable to come up with a spell to return the two back to their own time. He suggest they try Wralf the Wretched a powerful wizard. So off the three go riding giant chickens to confront the powerful wizard.

It was nice that Grell didn’t forget what happened to Ghedron. He ended issue 7 with him taking the ax and finally got around to showing us what happened. He also showed us what happened to Morgan’s former army of gladiators and slaves. It effected Morgan that the dream he had for freedom and justice had been abandoned. Hopefully it has rekindled that dream in him, which I think was the purpose to this story.

The Wizard World backup was something that left me wanting more. A fun idea and thankfully will be explored in a future issues.



“The Hound of the Baskervilles Part I”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artist: Val Mayerick

A Doctor Mortimer comes to ask for the famous detective’s help. He tells the story of Hugo Baskerville who in 1742 was an evil man. He kidnaps a young woman who later escapes. He goes out to track her down. When he doesn’t return his friends ride out to find him. They discover that he was killed by a hound from hell. Now an ancestor to the Baskervilles has been found murdered. Mortimer an old friend claims that he found the tracks of a dog by the dead body. The heir a young man from Canada arrives to claim his inheritance and gets a cryptic message to avoid the moor.

This is the first part of an adaptation of Arthur Conan Doyle’s famous detective. Its probably his most famous work. They did a real good job of adapting the story even thought the first part is mostly exposition. I enjoyed the story and I might like to actually read the book sometime. It sounds very interesting.



“Return of the Jaguar Men part I”
Writers: David & Steven E de Souza
Artist: Jake Minor

An archeologist expedition is excavating a temple of the legendary Jaguar Men. The temple in on the property of Rachel Cardwell and was a former drug kingpin estate. Rachel is also secretly Sheena and she is going out to take down some more intruders desecrating the jungle. This time the bad guys are enslaving the local natives to mine emeralds. Sheena and her animal friends make short work of the guys and have plenty of emeralds to donate to the local mission. She comes back to her estate to find out that one of the students has been viciously mauled by an animal. Kellerman managed to get a picture and it shows a jaguar that looks like Sheena’s jaguar friend Yagua.

So Sheena has moved to a new comic company. But it still retained the writer of Die Hard who created this series. Its another interesting idea. An archeological expedition. A mysterious local legend about the Jaguar Men. Fierce men that could transform into flesh eating jaguars. And of course the beautiful Sheena kicking butt on the bad guys.



“A Man-God Unleashed!”
Writer: Mike Friedrich
Artist: Don Heck

Ka-zar must fight the resurrected man-ape tribe that Maa-gor created. Maa-gor then goes off to implement his kooky plans for world domination. He also throws Bobbi Morse with Ka-zar after she rejects his offer to be his mate. So Ka-zar and Bobbi are fighting a losing battle until Zabu arrives and turns the tide. Meanwhile El Tigre beaten by the Fall People tribe and rejected by his former master Maa-gor attempts to transform himself in the mystic mists. But his transformation goes wrong and he dies. Maa-gor gets an idea from this that he could control evolution with the mists. He finds an alien device in the mists that splits him into two. The emotional part kills the logical part and the alien device then transforms Maa-gor back into a man-ape.

So ends the Man-god storyline. It started out strongly but as this issue shows it came to a ho-hum ending. This was the last issue for Mike Friedrich and he seems to just want to hurry up and finish the story giving it a kind of quick ending. It was probably time for some new blood for this title and look forward to seeing what directing that will take.



“Got My Radio On”
Writer: Charles Dixon
Artist: Ben Dunn

Banner gets a message from his old childhood friend. The friend was killed by the Communist Mexicans for leading a resistance movement. The friend wants Banner to transport weapons to the Baja so that the oppressed people can throw out the Japanese and Russians. Banner meets with the main backers of this enterprise Senator Craig Creek the leader of the Southwest rebellion and Avner Glanzman the Israeli Mossad agent. The convenience store out in the middle of nowhere is attacked but most of the group survives. Banner decides to take the mission.

“The Time of the Preacher!”
Writer: Stephen Scott Beau Smith
Artist: Flint Beau Henry

Beau La Duke and his brothers are heading to West Virginia to help their father. In Oklahoma they meet up with a fire and brimstone preacher by the name of Reverend Sanddog Yuma the Gun-hand of God. The two groups successfully fight out a gang of bikers. Beau manages to recruit the Reverend to his cause. Meanwhile in West Virginia the opposing forces are gathering.

“La Duke’s Tips for Real Men”
Writer: Beau Smith
Artist: Tim Hawkins

Beau La Duke is offering a contest on who is a real man and woman. People are encouraged to send in pictures of themselves for prizes.

So now we get a mission for the Swords of Texas. A good solid story with some more history with Banner and who is involved. Wow is it grim in the Baja. The peons are always getting their quotas raised so they can’t meet them and are not able to see their families. Instead they have to do calisthenics and produce more consumer goods for the state. The Japanese governor Omo is part of the Legion of Man and seems to be an honorable man not comfortable with these policies.

The Dogs of War backup is shaping up to be a great story. The Reverend Yuma is a colorful character and the bad guys look real evil.



“The Curse of the Cobra Queen”
Writer & Artist: Mike Grell

Morgan and Ashir part ways after their adventure in the Temple of the Sun. Ashir to claim his crown and Morgan to reconcile with Tara. Along the way a meteor manages to find its way into Skartaris and explode. One piece mutants a cobra. Morgan is later ambushed by a group of women in crocodile outfits. Morgan is tied up in front of a beautiful woman on a throne of bones. The woman releases Morgan and starts to hypnotize him. This is broken when a mongoose shows up and terrifies the woman. She then turns into a giant cobra and Morgan has to kill it.

“Wizard World”
Writer & Artist: Mike Grell

Meanwhile another piece of the meteor lands in ruins just outside Shamballah. Tara, Machiste and Mariah see it. Mariah being a scientist has to go investigate in spite of the warning from Tara that the place is cursed. Well the meteor opens up a rip in time and Mariah finds herself in the far past. The age of wizards. She is in the abode of the wizard Mongo Ironhand. A dwarf who smokes cigars and drinks martinis. Machiste follows her through the tear because he loves her. The two finally realize that they love each other. Unfortunately they can’t enjoy this revelation because a three-headed dog also comes through the tear.

The cobra queen story was a good if not real meaty story. It’s not really clear if the cobra queen actually transformed into a woman or a giant snake or if she was maintaining the woman form through hypnotism. Of course the big news is the Wizard World backup story. This was a popular idea of Mike’s and I enjoyed the idea of this new world. It also finally brought Machiste and Mariah together which seemed like it was heading in that direction for a while now. Two great stories in one book.



“Man-Gods from Beyond the Stars”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artist: Alex Nino

Far in the past an alien expedition arrives on the planet Earth. The aliens look like humans and are there to observe the primitive inhabitants. The inhabitants naturally assume the visitors are gods and start to give them offerings. The aliens have a strict policy of non-interference but the commander decides to break that rule in saving a girl from a sabertooth. His second in command mutinies and deserts to set himself up as a god. Meanwhile we learn the truth of the aliens. There was a war and a race of soldiers were created. When the war was over the soldier were dumped on Earth and this is the origin of the human race.

“Erich Von Daniken: The Man Behind A Phenomenon”

A brief biography of Erich Von Daniken the author of Chariots of the Gods and the founder of alien astronaut theory.

“The Chariots of Erich Von Daniken”
by Ed Summer

An article on Von Daniken’s theories and other theories about ancient astronauts.

“Facts On Danikenitis- the Von Daniken Phenonmenon”

A bibliography on the works of Erich Von Daniken. These include his three books a documentary, TV show and his lectures.

“The Books of the Gods”
by Ed Summer

A listing of all the books out there at the time about ancient astronauts.

“Good Lord!”
Writer: Marv Wolfman
Artist: Dave Cockrum and the Crusty Bunkers

An expedition in the future is searching for proof of God. They land on a mysterious planet that at first looks like a paradise. But is has creatures that start to kill off the crew. The survivors come upon an amazing city. It has a temple with statues of alien that in the past represented the ancient gods like Zeus, Ra, Odin. It also has statues of the prophets Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed and Moses. A creature steps out and is killed. Then a strange darkness comes from the body. They have killed God and now the darkness will spread across the universe.

If you haven’t already guessed this is a very Erich Von Daniken inspired issue. Written at the height of his popularity it has two very interesting stories. The first shows that the aliens and humans on Earth have much in common. Both the alien expedition and the primitive tribe had the same power struggle. The second was way out there but also an interesting and enjoyable story.

The articles were also very informative about Von Daniken and what was out there at the time for ancient astronauts. This idea was probable ahead of its time. Now days we have I guess an army of graduates in ancient alien theory who populate the history channel. An interesting idea that didn’t to my knowledge go beyond this issue.



“Dark Rising”
Writers: Todd Livingstone & Steven E. De Souza
Artists: Lee Ferguson & Rebekah Isaacs

Sheena, Ransome and Kellerman are once again captives aboard the U-boat. The rich Val Verde industrialist Orrico is found out to actually be a Nazis. We get the full story about the U-boat. In the closing days of WWII the Nazis had a secret base build in the Amazon. A U-boat was dispatched to bring missiles that would launch nuclear attacks on the major allied cities. But the U-boat ran aground while going up river. The survivors were hunted down by the local tribe and the legendary Marapingu monster. Orrico managed to make it to Val Verde city and become a wealthy industrialist.

Now he is reunited with the survivors of the expedition. They then have a falling out over the goal. Orrico wants to blackmail the world to make money. His compatriots are still fanatically dedicated to carrying out the Fuehrer’s plan. The two groups start to fight among themselves. This gives Sheena to opening to escape and set the self-destruct for the secret base.

So this mini-series comes to a close. It is kind of a silly story but that’s what makes it so fun. Nazis always make such great villains. We get the story behind the Nazis which was an interesting read. Sheena manages to save the day and still keep her identity a secret from the public. And she manages to do it still looking sexy as hell.



“Into the Shadows of Chaos!”
Writer: Mike Friedrich
Artist: Don Heck

Ka-zar and Zabu go at it again with Man-God and El Tigre. And once again while Ka-zar gets off to a good start he is still knocked out and Zabu is once again under the hypnotic sway of El Tigre. So Maa-Gor the Man-God takes Ka-zar to the Fall People village. Tongah tries to rescue Ka-zar but the others of his tribe are primitive and submit to the Man-God’s power. Ka-zar and Tongah are tied up on crosses for eventual execution.

Ka-zar manages to distract El Tigre with promises of riches just long enough for him to gain control of Zabu. Ka-zar and Zabu then go after Man-God. They find him as he uses his new powers to resurrect his dead man-ape tribe.

So the story is getting interesting. Man-God was able to communicate some threat by mental power to all the people of the world so there is some mystery to what that threat is. Ka-zar still manages to once again escape. Man-god is resurrecting his tribe and plans to take Bobbi Morse as a mate. Oh and we get a look at Ka-zar’s lair which is an old summer palace inside a mountain. Good idea in giving Ka-zar his own lair and it looks real cool.