“Baja, Japan”
Writers: John Ostrander & Kim Yale
Artist: Gary Kwapisz

Rosa Winters is about to assassinate President Loper in Houston when she is stopped by Avner and his men. Israel does not feel that killing Loper now is in anyone’s interest since he is the only thing holding the country together. They are interested in replacing him with Rosa. For now though they have an assignment for Rosa. The Japanese are about to buy the Baja. Rosa with the Israeli team go down to start a rebellion and quash the deal. They recruit a rebellious former Soviet agent who now rallies for a union and Father Galvez the brother of a slain revolutionary. A rally sees Father Galvez killed by a sniper bullet which galvanizes a large scale uprising and results in Rosa losing her hand to a sword welding ninja.

The first book in this Scout mini-series is the start to a real interesting story. The rebellion started in the Swords of Texas comes to head in this series. An interesting idea for the Japanese to buy Baja. A very ’80s thing with the Japanese out to conquer the world. Its shown that both sides in this transaction have ulterior motives. The Communist Mexicans hope to get cheap weapons which they will later turn on the Japanese. The Japanese plan to own all of Mexico. We also get the general storyline for this series. The Israeli’s will be using Rosa has she gets into a lot of political intrigue in this alternate history. There is some cynicism as its shown the Israelis assassinated Father Galvez to start the revolution.

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