“Wings Over Shamballah”
Writer & Artist: Mike Grell

Morgan is approaching Shamballah when he is attacked by a pack of wild dogs. The dogs drive him to the top of a pyramid in ancient ruins. He manages to kill all the attackers and then trips a door that drops him into the pyramid. The pyramid is full of gold and other treasure. The inscription says that the wizard kings sealed this pyramid to protect their gold from the Evil One. Only blood drenching the steps will break the spell. Morgan obviously broke it with all the dog blood on the steps. He decides to take a shield with a black bird on it. This awakens two mummified trolls who can’t be stopped with either sword or .44 magnum slugs. But luckily sunlight dissolves them. After leaving the pyramid the black bird on the shield comes alive and carries Morgan off. Over the ocean a bolt of lightning destroys the bird and Morgan goes into the sea. He washes up on shore with menacing giant feet standing astride him.

I think that the title has taken a turn with this issue. Morgan mentions that he is finally thinking of the future since his son dies. The gloom from that incident seems to be fading and the spirit of adventure and exploration are coming back. Grell decides that its still not time to reunite Morgan with Tara and instead plop Morgan far away. This title is at its best when Morgan is struggling through unknown and dangerous parts of Skartaris. Also while not really noticeable now, the Evil One and that temple will play a big part in a future storyline.


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