“Return of the Jaguar Men Part Three”
Writers: David De Souza & Paul D. Storrie
Artist: Shawn McCauley

Sheena fights the jaguarmen on the roof of her mansion. Her loyal jaguar Yagua jumps in to save her but gets thrown off the roof and captured by Colonel Pinto’s men. He wants Yagua as a bargaining chip in getting the location to an emerald mine. From here things move pretty fast. A female student in the archeology team has dreams that lead to a secret opening in the temple and a treasure room. Sheena her friends Ransome and Kellerman are there when Colonel Pinto’s men come. Just then a student and his brothers are revealed to be the jaguar men. He found the herb that can transform men into jaguarmen. Fortunately while the jaguar men are formidable they are not immune to bullets or well placed knives. Then they have to fight a group of revenge minded poachers but the result is the same. Oh and Yagua escapes so he can’t be used so everything ends well for Sheena.

The final issue in the series comes to an exciting conclusion. It goes fast but has a lot of action with the fights with the jaguar men. It ends with two epilogues. One was the young woman who is going north because of visions. The other is a doctor who is behind the jaguarmen getting a tablet that was successfully taken from the temple. So there is a strong possibility of future Sheena issues in the future. This was from 2014 so I am hopeful. I love the world that was created for Sheena in the fictional country of Val Verde. And I think I have fallen in love with Sheena. A great series.

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