“Revenge of the River Gods!”
Writer: Gerry Conway
Artist: John Buscema

Ka-zar, Zabu and Kem Horkus come to Thandar Kaa. A city that is comprised of floating barges on a river. Ka-zar and his companions jump into the river and go out to the barge of Ghakar the man who betrayed Bar Horkus. Initially Ka-zar plows into Ghakar’s men but is knocked unconscious from behind. Zabu is speared while still in the river and is assumed dead. Later Jira the cousin of Kem Horkus attempts to help them escape but they are captured once again. Ka-zar and Kem are tied to a boat and sent to crash in the rapids for their blasphemy. Ka-zar manages to escape and comes back and kills Thandar. He then searches for Zabu’s body and finds that he is still alive and wandered off into the jungle.

Another fun issue of Ka-zar. We get to see a new strange people in the river dwelling people. People who left the land after an earthquake to live on the relative safety of the river. Ka-zar is a bit impetuous and arrogant with his mighthy Ka-zar lord of the jungle attitude. It gets him captured multiply times and almost kills Zabu. Still he manages to come out on top. I really like the new direction of this series. We are getting to explore new areas of the Savage Land.

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