“Race With the Devil”
Writer: Charles Dixon
Artist: Ben Dunn

Baja, Mexico. The Socialist People of Mexico’s Industrial Re-Education Camp #11. The Swords of Texas lead the assault against this internment camp. They are successful and with the rebels help are gaining the upper hand in freeing the captive peons. But the government has turned to its contingency plan. They have a neutron bomb at the camp that houses the workers families. If the rebels don’t surrender they will detonate the bomb. The rebels start to surrender and the Legion of Man representative orders Governor Omo to then execute all the rebels and they will start importing new workers from other parts of Mexico. Omo has enough and rebels by destroying the command center. This allows the rebels victory. Banner and the Swords of Texas head back home with plenty of captured weapons to sell.

“Punch Out His Lights… The Party’s Over!!”
Writer: Beau Smith
Artist: Flint Henry

The epic conclusion to Beau La Duke and his family’s fight to save the amusement park. Colonel Pate and his government goons prove to be no match for the La Duke clan. They are soundly defeated and the amusement park is safe. Beau finds love with the widow Smith.

So concludes the first Scout mini-series and it was enjoyable. We get to see what’s going on in Communist Mexico. It was a touching ending that Governor Omo did the right thing and sacrificed his life. Throughout the series it was clear he was an honorable man troubled by the actions of his superiors. So once again the Legion’s plans are foiled. A great action story with plenty of explosions, gunfights and giant robots.

The conclusion to the Dogs of War backup was also satisfactory if not totally predictable. It was a fun satirical story that had no pretenses to being serious. My favorite part was where the La Duke brothers commented that their foes seemed to have too much teeth and they should do something about it. A great backup for this series.

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