Writer & Artist: Mike Grell

Morgan is on the border between Shamballah and Thera when he hears the sound of metal against metal. Getting into a tree he observes the Theran army on the march. They look like they are staging a full scale invasion of Shamballah. Morgan has to warn Shamballah. But first he has to take care of the leopard that chooses to attack him. Later his horse runs off and a short cut through the swamp almost gets him eaten by a saurian. He eventually gets ahead of the army and runs into a woodcutter. The two go to warn settlements up ahead with Morgan promising to help get the woodcutter’s family to safety. After warning the settlement Morgan holds off the army at a footbridge so the woodcutter can evacuate his family. He never finds out that the woodcutter’s son is his own son Joshua who he thinks is dead.

A good solid action story for the Warlord. The Theran invasion promises more future battles ahead. I enjoyed the one scene after the saurian swallows Morgan. He then cuts through the stomach and swims off. The caption says “Morgan is not a man who takes kindly to being eaten.” Just loved that. The story also shows us what happened to Morgan’s son and skillfully has Morgan never meet the woodcutter’s family so he never discovers his son. But you know that will still be part of a future storyline.

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