“Return of the Jaguar Men Part II”
Writers: David De Souza & Paul D. Storrie
Artist: Shawn McCauley

The video of Yagua being the man eating attacker has leaked out. Now everyone is coming out to hunt Sheena’s jaguar friend down. Colonel Pinto the head of the secret police is leading the hunt. The archeology team manages to enter the temple and find that the old jaguar cult practiced human sacrifice. Sheena also finds that Yagua was attacked by something with claws and is being nursed back to health. At the same time Colonel Pinto arrives at Sheena’s compound with his men seeking treatment from a gunshot wound. It is then that she hears a noise from the roof and when she investigates finds real life anthropomorphic jaguar men.

Another fun story with an interesting story. We get to see Sheena in her Rachel Cardwell persona and balance the dumb act with her natural intelligence. It also ends with a cliffhanger in the appearance of the jaguar men. Very interested in finding out more about them and what happens.

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