“Waters of Darkness, River of Doom!”
Writer: Gerry Conway
Artist: John Buscema

Ka-zar and Zabu rescue a young teenage boy from two pterodactyls. The boy Kem Horkus is with his brother on an expedition to kill the behemoth. The behemoth is a large saurian creature that crippled his brother. Now the brother is obsessed with vengeance. Bar Horkus the brother is truly obsessed with his revenge. Ka-zar agrees to help and they come upon the behemoth. The giant crossbow on Bar Horkus’s raft missed and his second in command treacherously abandons him. Ka-zar and Zabu manage to rescue Kem Horkus and Ka-zar kills the behemoth but not before it kills Bar Horkus. He agrees to help Kem go after the treacherous second in command.

A new writer and artist and its a breath of fresh air for this series. Its getting back to showing a mysterious and savage land inhabited by dangerous dinosaurs and even more dangerous men. The Captain Ahab inspired storyline is adequate for a new direction. So now Ka-zar is involved with Kem Horkus and his people. Looking forward to seeing a new people and land that inhabit the Savage Land.

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