“Head Out on the Highway”
Writer: Charles “Tex” Dixon
Artist: Ben “San Antoine” Dunn

The Swords of Texas are traveling through commie Mexico hoping to avoid any trouble. But trouble seems to find them. First they are ambushed by a group of brigands that have been following them since Texas. Later they have a run in with a Mexican giant robot. They finally make the meeting with the rebels in the Baja. They then find out that they are expected to actually take part in the fighting.

“Kickin’ Asphalt!!”
Writer: Stephen Scott “Beau” Smith
Artist: Henry “?” Flint

Beau La Duke, his brothers and the Reverent Yuma arrive at their families amusement park. The La Dukes don’t have time for a family reunion as Shady Floyd and his thugs attack. It ends promising tag team wrestling, unlimited gunplay and fine Italian shoes.

The third issue seems to go real fast. Not a lot of plot development but it does promise tons of action in the final issue. Definitely looking forward to it.

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