“Return of the Gladiator”
Writer & Artist: Mike Grell

Morgan comes upon a Theran outpost that was sacked and the soldiers killed. Attacked by a woman who is the only survivor he finds out that the outpost was attacked by his old rebel army. The army has now become nothing more than common brigands. Tracking down the band he finds it under the command of Ghedron. Ghedron was a captain in Machistes palace guard who was ordered to throw the cursed ax into the volcano from issue 7. Ghedron instead embraced the evil ax and now leads Morgan’s former army of freedom fighters. Morgan challenges him to a dual that he easily wins. Disgusted with what his former comrades have become he tells them that they have to make their own decisions and heads off.

“Hound from Hell”
Writer & Artist: Mike Grell

Machiste and Mariah find themselves in the castle of Mongo Ironhand in Skartaris past when wizards and magic ruled. They are confronted with a three-headed hound that has come through the same tear in time that they arrived from. Luckily Mongo manages to come up with a spell that turns the dangerous beast into a three-headed bunny rabbit. He has used up his luck and magic with that trick for he is unable to come up with a spell to return the two back to their own time. He suggest they try Wralf the Wretched a powerful wizard. So off the three go riding giant chickens to confront the powerful wizard.

It was nice that Grell didn’t forget what happened to Ghedron. He ended issue 7 with him taking the ax and finally got around to showing us what happened. He also showed us what happened to Morgan’s former army of gladiators and slaves. It effected Morgan that the dream he had for freedom and justice had been abandoned. Hopefully it has rekindled that dream in him, which I think was the purpose to this story.

The Wizard World backup was something that left me wanting more. A fun idea and thankfully will be explored in a future issues.


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