“Return of the Jaguar Men part I”
Writers: David & Steven E de Souza
Artist: Jake Minor

An archeologist expedition is excavating a temple of the legendary Jaguar Men. The temple in on the property of Rachel Cardwell and was a former drug kingpin estate. Rachel is also secretly Sheena and she is going out to take down some more intruders desecrating the jungle. This time the bad guys are enslaving the local natives to mine emeralds. Sheena and her animal friends make short work of the guys and have plenty of emeralds to donate to the local mission. She comes back to her estate to find out that one of the students has been viciously mauled by an animal. Kellerman managed to get a picture and it shows a jaguar that looks like Sheena’s jaguar friend Yagua.

So Sheena has moved to a new comic company. But it still retained the writer of Die Hard who created this series. Its another interesting idea. An archeological expedition. A mysterious local legend about the Jaguar Men. Fierce men that could transform into flesh eating jaguars. And of course the beautiful Sheena kicking butt on the bad guys.

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