“A Man-God Unleashed!”
Writer: Mike Friedrich
Artist: Don Heck

Ka-zar must fight the resurrected man-ape tribe that Maa-gor created. Maa-gor then goes off to implement his kooky plans for world domination. He also throws Bobbi Morse with Ka-zar after she rejects his offer to be his mate. So Ka-zar and Bobbi are fighting a losing battle until Zabu arrives and turns the tide. Meanwhile El Tigre beaten by the Fall People tribe and rejected by his former master Maa-gor attempts to transform himself in the mystic mists. But his transformation goes wrong and he dies. Maa-gor gets an idea from this that he could control evolution with the mists. He finds an alien device in the mists that splits him into two. The emotional part kills the logical part and the alien device then transforms Maa-gor back into a man-ape.

So ends the Man-god storyline. It started out strongly but as this issue shows it came to a ho-hum ending. This was the last issue for Mike Friedrich and he seems to just want to hurry up and finish the story giving it a kind of quick ending. It was probably time for some new blood for this title and look forward to seeing what directing that will take.


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