“The Curse of the Cobra Queen”
Writer & Artist: Mike Grell

Morgan and Ashir part ways after their adventure in the Temple of the Sun. Ashir to claim his crown and Morgan to reconcile with Tara. Along the way a meteor manages to find its way into Skartaris and explode. One piece mutants a cobra. Morgan is later ambushed by a group of women in crocodile outfits. Morgan is tied up in front of a beautiful woman on a throne of bones. The woman releases Morgan and starts to hypnotize him. This is broken when a mongoose shows up and terrifies the woman. She then turns into a giant cobra and Morgan has to kill it.

“Wizard World”
Writer & Artist: Mike Grell

Meanwhile another piece of the meteor lands in ruins just outside Shamballah. Tara, Machiste and Mariah see it. Mariah being a scientist has to go investigate in spite of the warning from Tara that the place is cursed. Well the meteor opens up a rip in time and Mariah finds herself in the far past. The age of wizards. She is in the abode of the wizard Mongo Ironhand. A dwarf who smokes cigars and drinks martinis. Machiste follows her through the tear because he loves her. The two finally realize that they love each other. Unfortunately they can’t enjoy this revelation because a three-headed dog also comes through the tear.

The cobra queen story was a good if not real meaty story. It’s not really clear if the cobra queen actually transformed into a woman or a giant snake or if she was maintaining the woman form through hypnotism. Of course the big news is the Wizard World backup story. This was a popular idea of Mike’s and I enjoyed the idea of this new world. It also finally brought Machiste and Mariah together which seemed like it was heading in that direction for a while now. Two great stories in one book.


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