“Into the Shadows of Chaos!”
Writer: Mike Friedrich
Artist: Don Heck

Ka-zar and Zabu go at it again with Man-God and El Tigre. And once again while Ka-zar gets off to a good start he is still knocked out and Zabu is once again under the hypnotic sway of El Tigre. So Maa-Gor the Man-God takes Ka-zar to the Fall People village. Tongah tries to rescue Ka-zar but the others of his tribe are primitive and submit to the Man-God’s power. Ka-zar and Tongah are tied up on crosses for eventual execution.

Ka-zar manages to distract El Tigre with promises of riches just long enough for him to gain control of Zabu. Ka-zar and Zabu then go after Man-God. They find him as he uses his new powers to resurrect his dead man-ape tribe.

So the story is getting interesting. Man-God was able to communicate some threat by mental power to all the people of the world so there is some mystery to what that threat is. Ka-zar still manages to once again escape. Man-god is resurrecting his tribe and plans to take Bobbi Morse as a mate. Oh and we get a look at Ka-zar’s lair which is an old summer palace inside a mountain. Good idea in giving Ka-zar his own lair and it looks real cool.


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