“Atlantis Dying”
Writer & Artist: Mike Grell

Morgan has gone through the Eye of Truth to do his life over from the beginning. The eye took him literally and he is now a caveman in a life and death struggle with a sabertooth. He loses this battle then finds himself in his next life. Morgan was the scientist in Atlantis who discovered the process of pumping seawater into volcanos to generate steam. Unfortunately this process is the cause for the fabled continents destruction. Later he continues on through many different lives throughout history. Some are famous like Lancelot, D’Artagnan, Jim Bowie and Crazy Horse. Some are obscure like a Nubian slave who dies in the arena or a farmboy from Iowa in WWI. All though have a common thread of being a warrior.

Finally Morgan comes to his current self on that fateful day in 1969. He can walk away and none of the pain he caused will happen. But what of Tara? Who would save her from the dinosaur that was attacking her? Or Machiste chained to a slave galley? Or all the other countless lives he helped? So he continues on with the mission and finds himself back at the Temple of the Sun. He takes care of Chakal and with no memory of what happened decides to continue on for a better future.

This was an interesting story. A fascinating look at the past lives of Travis Morgan. Also a look at the origin of Skartaris with the destruction of Atlantis. Of course the main point of the story is for Morgan to accept his past and move on. A unique story that I enjoyed.


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