Writer: Lora Byrne
Artists: Gene Colan & Dave Simons

Bruce is hitchhiking when he is given a ride by a friendly trucker. This trucker then picks up an attractive woman and has Bruce go back in the trailer. The woman turns out to be a hijacker who with her hillbilly family hijack truck trailers. They find Bruce in the back and he gets involved in their schemes. The Hulk finally comes out after a bully wants to beat up Banner.

“Happy Accidents”
By Steven Grant

An article on the history of the Hulk. His green color came about after the grey color did not show up clearly in the first issue. An interesting article on the Hulk.

“One For My Baby–And One More For The Hulk”
Writer: Marc DeMatteis
Artists: Gene Colan & John Tartaglione

The Hulk wanders into Las Vegas and starts tearing up a casino. Later he calms down and the shirtless Banner is tossed out for being a bum. A showgirl takes pity on him and gives Banner a meal and change of clothes. The showgirl is the girlfriend of the lounge singer. Banner changes into the Hulk when mob thugs attack them. The lounge singer tries to use the Hulk to get out from under the mob but the Hulk is not something anyone can control.

So this is the final issue for the Hulk magazine. A suppose there are many reasons for its demise. An editorial at the beginning cites poor distribution and the constant change of staff working on the book. There is some truth to that. The ’80s saw the demise of the black and white comic magazines and this one was a casualty of the trend. My personal belief is the format they adopted. Its said that what worked for the comic series couldn’t work for the TV series. The reverse could be true. It tried too much to copy the series when the comic format called out for over the top battles with aliens and super-villains. It alienated comic fans and failed to draw fans of the TV series.

Now of course the stories had a hit or miss quality throughout its run. It successfully launched Moon Knight into its own series. I liked it and thought it ended with a quality issue. Two solid stories and a decent article. I always enjoyed these large magazine comics as a kid. So we will move on to something different next Sunday.

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