“Dark Rising”
Writer: Todd Livingston & Steven E De Souza
Artist: Rebekah Isaacs

Sheena is left for dead on the beach and the Nazis then turn their attention on Kellerman and Ransome. The Nazis are old men now augmented by cybernetics and still have the dream of restoring the Reich. Kellerman and Ransome manage to fight their way out and are immediately captured by a tribe wearing Nazi paraphernalia. Sheena is not dead but has the power to stop her heart for ten minutes. She manages to rescue her friends from the Nazi headhunters and the three go back to the U-boat. At the end the person she was there to rescue Mr. Orrico is part of the Nazis.

So there are Nazis in the jungles of Val Verde. You can never go wrong with Nazis as your enemy. Throw in some headhunters that seem to worship the Nazis and goofy Nazis retro science and you have a fun story. Interested to see what nefarious plan they have in store.

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