A book about the world of Scout in 2003. It includes maps of both America and the world. The various weapons and vehicles including the giant robots that have appeared. It also has personal profiles of Scout and the major characters that have appeared in the series. Finally it has a world history for this fictional alternate reality.

I really enjoyed this issue. It filled in a lot about the series that we sometimes only got glimpses of in the stories. The world is just wild. Its like some wet dream of Vladimir Putin. The Soviet Union has become the preeminent world power. They control India, Pakistan, Scandinavia, France, Sub-Saharan Africa, Southeast Asia, and all of Central/South America and Mexico. They also have a cozy alliance with Canada and a lucrative trade deal with Japan.

The other world power is the Israeli Consolidated State. Israel allied themselves with Egypt and Italy to eventually take over all of north Africa from Morocco to Somalia. They have Spain, Italy ,Greece Turkey and what looks like Yugoslavia on the map. They also control all the Arabian peninsula with Iraq and Iran under their control. Wow that is wild. A very far fetched vision of the future. Oh and Switzerland includes all of Germany, Austria, Denmark and what looks like Hungary and Romania.

So in this future the U.S. suffered a series of natural and man-made disasters. The San Andreas fault went and with it the west coast of California. Nuclear meltdowns in Pennsylvania and the South. A trade embargo from most of the now Socialist world. They were forced to give up Alaska to what is now a buffer state between Canada and the Soviets. They are now a poor third world country and currently in a civil war between the Southwest Free States and the Federal government which now calls itself New America.

The history is sort of a reverse from what really happened. In this reality its the U.S. that fell apart economically and politically while the Soviets were the opposite. It was normal at the time in the ’80s to view Communism as an irresistible movement that would continue to expand. What’s new is the portrayal of what happens to America. Normally they would somehow be taken over either through force or an apathy on the public. In this the country is so poor that nobody even cares to take it over. Kind of a sobering outlook that gave this series a unique feel for a dystopian future. A very enjoyable series.

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