“Dark Rising”
Writers: Steven E De Souza & Todd Livingston
Artist: Lee Ferguson

Sheena as Rachel Cardwell is partying on a cruise ship when it is attacked by a group of armed men. They seem to rob the passengers but they were there for something else. The ship is now riding higher so they must have taken some cargo. They also kidnapped an old friend of the Cardwell family. So Sheena dons the leopard skins and takes off into the jungle with Kellerman and Ransome following. They avoid headhunters and come upon a U-boat flying the Nazi flag. The three are knocked out by darts and Sheena finds herself strapped to a chair. Given drugs to talk she goes into shock and we end with the doctor saying she dies with a Nazi in a wheelchair sitting in the shadows.

So a new series starts off to a dramatic start. We have Sheena and her friends battling headhunters. There is a mystery in what the armed men are up to. They seem to be friendly with the local headhunter tribe. There are Nazis that are part of this. And it ends with Sheena dying. A real cliffhanger and can’t wait for the next issue.

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