“The Fall of the Red Wizard!”
Writer: Mike Friedrich
Artists: Don Heck & Jack Abel

Ka-zar and Shanna are held prisoner by the Red Wizard. He wants both of them to sacrifice themselves to appease the god Garrokk and save the Savage Land. Well neither of the two have any interest and with the help of Zabu manage to escape. Leaving the castle Shanna tells her story of how she got to the Savage Land. Pterodactyls grabbed her in Africa and flew all the way to Antarctica.

The two arrive at the Fall People and Ka-zar’s friend Tongah. A rampaging Triceratops attacks the village. It is a sign that the environment is failing and the people turn on Ka-zar for not being a sacrifice. Escaping the village Shanna convinces Ka-zar to go back and be willing sacrifices. Shanna does have a plan and instead of submitting to sacrifice destroys the flaming cauldron. She exposes the wizard as using a robot dinosaur and pterodactyls. The wizard escapes leaving behind his disguise. The Fall People realize their mistake and Shanna goes off to find her father.

So the Red Wizard is exposed as a fraud and defeated. But he has escaped and Ka-zar doesn’t know his true identity so that villain will surely continue to be a threat. The big news is it is the first meeting with Shanna. She is a great fit for the Savage Land and is destined to become a regular part of Ka-zars’ life. There was already an attraction between them. A strong start to Ka-zar’s new series.

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