“This Sword for Hire”
Writer & Artist: Mike Grell

Morgan has joined a band of mercenaries and has immediately earned the hatred of Chakal. Chakal was the second in command but lost that when Morgan joined. Still nothing Morgan can’t handle as the band makes its way into the Mountains of the Sun in pursuit of the rogue Ashir. Ashir is a smart one as he sets an ambush with a rock slide killing all but three. This small group is then attacked by a snow giant with a Mohawk that eats human flesh. The giant kills Chakal and the leader leaving Morgan to dispatch it. He then goes on alone to capture Ashir.

Ashir attacks but is no match for Morgan. Still the lovable rogue wins over Morgan who decides not to take him in. The arrival of Chakal who survived his fall from a cliff wants to take Ashir but is met with a .44 magnum slug from Morgan. Ashir offers Morgan a chance to accompany him on his mission to steal the jewel known as the Eye of Truth. It ends with a pair of sinister eyes peering at this event through a crystal ball.

So Morgan decides to join a mercenary bunch. A fun little adventure with a giant and a somewhat inept mercenary whose feelings are hurt. The main point of this story is to introduce a new character in the handsome and roguish thief Ashir. He will become a welcome companion for Morgan in his wanderings. It also gives us a mission in retrieving this great jewel. That and what is obviously Deimos still lurking around promise a very interesting adventure ahead.


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