“Dreams of Iron…Dreams of Steel!”
Writer: Bill Flanagan
Artists: Gene Colan & Alfredo Alcala

Banner gets a job at a school for special needs children. He makes friends with a former student now grown up. This friend Earl gets him a part time job at the factory he works at. One night Earl notices a mysterious figure working late at night. His fellow co-workers belittle him because of his mental retardation. In reality the supervisor is working with the competition to sabotage production so the company loses their government contract. Luckily the Hulk is around to save Earl and expose this.

By Steven Grant

An article on the origins of split personality of the Hulk. It starts with Frankenstein then goes into the romanticism of the eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth centuries. It explores Stevenson, Wilde, Wells and Kafka. It was a dry article.

“Carnival of Fools”
Writer: Lora Byrne
Artists: Gene Colan & John Tartaglione

Banner gets a job at a traveling carnival. When a drunk worker crashes the truck he’s driving it starts a fire which changes Banner into the Hulk. The carnival owner and his daughter figure out who Banner really is. They lure him into a cage and lock him up to charge admission to see the Hulk. When they change him into the Hulk it obviously doesn’t go as planned.

“Sayonara, Paco-San!”
By Jeff Mundo

A column that talks about the success of the mini-series Shogun. The series has generated interest in Japanese culture. He talks about the interest in samurai movies. One interesting movie series he talks about is Zatoichi. A tale about a blind masseur who travels around fighting bad guys. Kind of sounds like an interesting series.

“Slay Bells”
Writer: Denny O’Neil
Artist: Howard Chaykin

Dominic Fortune is attacked by a character called the Silhouette. He has a telegram from an Irish terrorists group that is threatening to kidnap the British ambassador. The letter was signed by Dominic and Dominic Fortune is the only Dominic to attend the Christmas party that the ambassador will be at. At the party on top of the Empire State building a blimp arrives with Santa. This Santa is the Dominic and kidnaps the ambassador for this Irish terrorist group. Dominic Fortune saves the day in spite of the interference of The Silhouette a Shadow parody.

The two Hulk stories could have easily been written for the TV series. They were ok but nothing special. I mean I could see right off the bat that the carnivals plan was dumb. And of course the Dominic Fortune was also ok but nothing special. Seemed like a mediocre issue. Definitely a decline in the quality of the series.

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