“Trail of the Mapinguari”
Writer: Steven E. De Souza
Artists: Viicenc Villagrasa & Elizabeth John

A distinguished professor is murdered after giving his lecture on the Mapinguari. The Mapinguari is a myth of Val Verde. A Cyclops type giant ape. Ransome the hired security for Cardwell Industries is framed for his murder by the corrupt secret police. Bob Kellerman gets help from Sheena to prove his innocence. At this time another prominent doctor is killed by the Mapinguari. Public outcry results in an expedition to the Zona Prohibida to hunt down the vicious creature. Its lead by the last surviving member of the ’69 expedition. Sheena agrees to help this expedition. Now they have to fight off T’inga headhunters and find out the real reason for the murders.

A stand alone story that was an enjoyable read. We get to see that Sheena has adapted to her current situation of masquerading as socialite Rachel Cardwell while also carrying on saving the rainforest as Sheena. She also has a friendship with both Kellerman and Ransome. I love that she is such a cool and confident woman with a dark sense of humor. The only criticism of this story is its still a bit confusing on the motive for the Mapinguari murders. The head of the expedition set it up to get an expedition mounted. He also apparently was able to manipulate the local headhunter tribe. The motive isn’t clear but maybe it will in subsequent issues.

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