“Cryin’ At Daybreak”
Writer & Artist: Timothy Truman

For 28 days Scout and the rebels have held off the Mexicans. Receiving no replacements, supplies, sleep or any type of support they have held the high ground. Now a new enemy arrives. Divisions of the U.S. Marines and Salvation Army have arrived but not to join the fight. They are there to arrest Lt. Winters and her men. Now the group is caught between two forces and the ends looks grim.

Luckily the Israeli 7th fleet arrives and imposes a peace between the warring parties. Avner arrives with Senator Creek. The situation in the southwestern states is deteriorating fast. The government is deliberately withholding rations. Israel offers support to the southwestern states in the form of supplies, arms and advisors. A civil war is looming. They also have exposed VP Lopers murder of President Carver. At the end news comes of a Soviet invasion of Israel and its allies. The Mexican invasion was a ploy to lure the Israelis attention from their own border. The Legion of Man has started their endgame to control the world.

“Pie in the Sky”
Writer: Timothy Truman
Artist: Flint Henry

In the mid 1990’s with America pulling out of the space race, the Soviets start construction on Skybase 5 “The Hammer of Peace”. This massive station is a nuclear weapons platform with hundreds of missiles. Sergei Plehve is a captain stationed on Skybase 5. A loyal Communist but also a member of the Samothracians.

The story has taken a dramatic turn. Civil war is all but inevitable in the U.S. The Israelis are now in a war with the Soviet Union which means a world war. The introduction of Skybase 5 and its Samothracian agent hints that this base will play a major role in the conclusion to this storyline in the next issue. It sets up a lot that makes the reader want to find out how it ends. A great issue in this series.

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