“Return to the Savage Land!”
Writer: Mike Friedrich
Artists: Paul Reinman & Mike Royer

Ka-zar and Zabu parachute out of a Shield plane back to their beloved Savage Land. Right off the bat Ka-zar gets into a fight with a giant snake than a shark while taking a swim in the Lost Lake. There is trouble on the horizon in the form of Malgato the Red Wizard. The evil wizard now occupies the castle of Iranda and sends out pterodactyls to kidnap Ka-zar and Zabu. The pterodactyls bring them to the castle where they are imprisoned.

The wizard tells the story of the Savage land. That in ancient times it was a prosperous land until the great cataclysm that sunk Atlantis. To save the land a high priest called on Garrok. Garrok preserved the land but required a sacrifice of the bravest man and woman every thousand years. Malgato plans to sacrifice Ka-zar and at the end we find out the female sacrifice is Shanna the She-Devil.

Ka-zar gets his own title. Gone is the little words of Astonishing Tales. Its a great start. For one thing he is back in the Savage Land and I think it is the best place for him. Already we have an adventure with his enemy Maa-gor who is Malgato’s servant. We get a brief origin of the Savage Land. And Shanna the She-Devil is a guest. A great and exciting beginning for this new series.


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