“Song of Ligia”
Writer & Artist: Mike Grell

Morgan is on a merchant ship when it is attacked by pirates. The resulting battle finds Morgan clinging to a piece of flotsam. He eventually loses his grip and lets the sea take him. He is saved by a magical amphibious woman. The woman Ligia has empathic and psychic abilities. She heals Morgan and takes this memories to ease his pain. When Morgan wakes up he is in a magical bubble under the sea. He then lives a life of contentment with Ligia in the magical kingdom that she created. Then one day while Ligia is gathering food she is taken by the Piscine a hostile race of fishmen. Morgan instinctively grabs his weapons and defeats the Piscines but sacrifices his life by putting himself between Ligia and a hurled trident. Ligia uses all her magic to heal Morgan at the cost of the world she created for him. Morgan wakes on the beach. A short addendum at the end has a thief stealing from castle Deimos. When he takes the ring off of Deimos body he is consumed by a yellow substance.

This is kind of a strange story. It has a lot of magical elements with this beautiful woman. I suppose it was a needed break for Morgan. It gives him a moment of happiness from the pain he is suffering. Sort of a break on the action. It also showed us at the end that the threat of Deimos was still out there. A very sad and moving story.


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