“The Man Who Would Be President!”
Writer: Dave Kraft
Artists: Gene Colan, Alfredo Alcala & Dave Simons

The Hulk is in a peaceful valley and comes upon an old Indian. He is there to die with his ancestors in the tribes burial ground. He is upset that a new dam will flood the valley and his tribe’s burial grounds. Just then the National Guard attacks the Hulk with knockout gas. The gas weakens him and Hulk goes off to hide. He is later found by a sect of Amish type people and taken in.

Meanwhile Carl Carruthers the governor of the state has grand ambitions for the Presidency. He hopes to uses the dam as a rallying point. He wants to cause the dam to burst and kill hundreds. He enlists the old Indian to lead a protest to take over the dam. Then Carruthers captures Banner and places him at the dam to use as a patsy. The old Indian convinces the Hulk when he appears to save the dam and expose the governors plan.

“It’s Not Easy Being Green!”
By Lora Byrne

An article with pictures about how head make-up artist Norman Leavitt prepares Lou Ferrigno for his appearance as the Hulk. It sounds like a very intense session to go through.

“The Tiny Terror Tumble!”
Writer: Denny O’Neil
Artist: Howard Chaykin

Dominic Fortune as an obligated spokesman for Ferdley’s Milk must appear with Tina Timmons, a little girl that sings sappy lovey dovey songs to make one sick. At a radio broadcast a man forces his way on stage and has to be subdues by Dominic. It later turns out that the man was Tina Timmons husband. Tina is actually a 34 year old midget who had a facelift to look like a little girl. He and her manager plan to use Dominic to kill her husband so he doesn’t expose her secret. Things don’t turn out as planned.

“Horrors Old and New”
By Jeff Mundo

Jeff Mundo tries to go on about a doctor in a fictional South American country that hears about psychology. It then goes into horror movies like Rosemany’s Baby, The Exorcist, Carrie etc. A rambling article that made no sense at all.

So the Hulk feature has now come full circle and is back to black and white. The reason given is the Marvel Color process is too expensive. Probably true but its also the beginning of the end for this title. Personally don’t mind black & white. Its what most of these old magazines formats were. This story is quite an interesting one. It deals with a sleazy politician ready to kill a bunch of people to get elected. Apparently thirty years ago they didn’t have much of a positive opinion of politician either.

The Dominic Fortune story was still in color as was the article. So this magazine was half and half. Probably already drawn in color and will continue to appear throughout its run in this magazine. This story had some moments but I just don’t care for the character.

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