“The Wolf Is At Your Door!”
Writer: Timothy Truman
Artist: Ben Dunn

The Mexican army has crossed the border. Five divisions equipped with Hind gunships, tanks, APCs and giant robots. All that stands against them are Lt. Winter’s Ranger Division, the Swords of Texas mercenaries and Monday’s guys. And of course Scout and his trusty Lee-Enfield. This ragged assortment manages to hit the commie Mexicans hard. They manage to grab some captured armor and dig in wondering why the government hasn’t responded to the invasion. It seems like someone wants the Mexicans to grab a foothold in Texas. At the end President Carver is killed by VP Loper and the death made to look like a drug overdose. Unknown to him the Israelis videotaped the murder.

“Beau La Duke’s Tips for Real Men”
Writer: Beau Smith
Artist: Tim Harkins

Another short from La Duke. This time he answers two letters from readers. One a misguided man to hang himself with his silk scarf. The other real foods to eat and avoid. Some foods to eat Tacos, beef jerky and blood red steaks. To avoid granola, yogurt and chocolate mousse(leave it to the French to mess up chocolate pudding.)

So this issue is a full length battle issue. It has lots of explosions, tanks, giant robots and giant robots exploding. So cool that the future was supposed to have giant robots. We really failed to live up to that potential. We are approaching the endgame to the Legion of Man’s plan for world domination. As Monday says this battle will change the world and I look forward to see how that plays out.


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