“The Final Battle!”
Writer: Mike Friedrich
Artists: Marie Severin & Werner Roth

Ka-zar still has to fight a revived Victorius. He gets knocked out and Victorius plans to execute our savage hero. Meanwhile Bobbie Morse meets up with Zabu who tracked Ka-zar all the way from New York. The two take out the AIM guards and assault Victorius dungeon. Victorius uses knock out gas on the two. The distraction is enough for Ka-zar to revive. He uses his natural strength to overcome Victorius and escape with Zabu and Bobbie Morse. It ends with Ka-zar kissing Bobbi goodbye and boarding a jet for the Savage Land.

Well this is the last appearance of Ka-zar in Astonishing Tales. That is because he will now get his very own title. So this issue was a good ending to the super soldier formula saga. It tied up the plot and has Ka-zar going back to the Savage Land were he belongs. Ka-zar and Bobbie Morse have strong feelings for each other but come from two different worlds so that romance is not meant to be. Looking forward to reading Ka-zar’s new series.

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