“The Children Of Ba’al”
Writer & Artist: Mike Grell

Morgan has left the dark regions of the terminator and returned to the sunlight of Skartaris. He decides to take a bath in the river and hears voices. Investigating he comes upon some beautiful blonde young people frolicking in the river. The scene is interrupted by an attack by green skinned beastmen. Morgan springs into action and takes out the beastmen without any help from the golden haired youth. The young people are the Children of Ba’al. A pacifist people that live a peaceful idyllic life. Morgan wants to help them against the savage Orm and volunteers to lead a raid against them. Only one young woman accompanies him. They go to the underground city of the Orm and destroy their artificial sun. When Morgan returns he is knocked unconscious and wakes up tied to a post. The Children of Ba’al are cannibals and plan to roast Morgan alive. He is rescued by the Orm who seem real laid back and let Morgan go.

This story seemed to be inspired by H.G. Wells The Time Machine. The big difference is turning the two groups upside down with the Eloi the bad cannibals and the Morlocks the good guys. This is a common theme that Grell likes to use. That appearances can be deceiving and not to judge by them. The Children of Ba’al are beautiful but actually cannibalistic pagan worshippers. The Orm are perceived as savage but very civilized. In fact I thought they were very forgiving toward Morgan. I mean he killed about twenty of them and wrecked their underground sun. You’d think there would be some hard feelings but they’re not too upset about it. They seem to be the stoners of Skartaris.
Another fun adventure on Morgan’s quest to come to terms with killing his son.


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