“A Very Personal Hell.”
Writer: Jim Shooter
Artists: John Buscema, Alfredo Alcala, & Steve Cliff

Banner is having a tough time after an unsuccessful attempt to access research at the university. In New York he stays at the Y. While there two guys attempt to rape him in the shower. Banner convinces them that he will turn into the Hulk and manages to escape. Escaping to the alley he starts to lose it and Hulks out. The Hulk knowing someone tried to hurt him lashes out at the world. The Hulk stumbles into a basement apartment of a woman stoned out of her gourd. Her abusive boyfriend comes back and starts to beat her but the Hulk smacks him good. The stoned girl them falls asleep in the Hulks arms and he changes back to Banner.

Banner is wandering the city looking for a job and runs into Alice the woman that he bumped into while escaping the university. She decides to befriend Banner and get him a job at a restaurant. The woman is in a custody dispute with her husband and has a controlling mother. The mother threatens to testify that her daughter isn’t a fit mom. This turns Banner into the Hulk who goes on another rampage. The Hulk goes back to the stoned woman’s apartment since she was the only one who befriended him. The boyfriend comes back and sets the building on fire. Hulk rescues the woman and tears down the burning building. After he changes back to Banner he returns to Alice’s place and finds that she committed suicide. She leaves Banner a thousand dollars which he gives to the stoned woman in the hospital to get her far from her abusive boyfriend.

“Clothes Call”
Writer: Roger Stern
Artists: Brent Anderson & John Tartaglione

Banner wakes up after turning from the Hulk on the outskirts of Bradbury, Iowa. He needs a change of clothes and tries the local men’s store. The proprietor doesn’t serve drifters without shirt or shoes so he tries to steal a shirt on a laundry line. The shirts owner a woman chases him off with a broom. While escaping he runs into Barbra Jean Benson who offers to help. Barbra though has other ulterior motives and tries to seduce Banner. At this time the husband comes home. He grabs Banner’s wallet and sees that this is the man who becomes the Hulk. He gives him his shirt and shoes to get rid of him.

“Moo Over Manhattan”
Writer: Denny O’Neil
Artist: Howie Chaykin

Dominic Fortune has signed on to be the spokesman for Ferdley’s Milk and must shill for this product every chance he gets. He meets up with an old childhood friend who is now the famous actor Chisholm Smith. Chisholm is in secret a Nazi sympathizer and plans to help Baron Strucker assassinate a U.S. Senator that advocates a more active role against the Nazis. Its up to Dominic to foil the assassination and at the same time extol the virtues of Ferdley’s Milk.

“The Machinery of Seduction”
By Jeff Mundo

An article titled Jeff Mundo’s Dark Corners which has apparently become a regular feature for this title. This time a humorous look into the addiction of pinball machines. Kind of interesting.

Wow the main story was one dark read. It generated a ton of controversy with the attempted homosexual rape scene. The writer claims that it was based on a true event that happened to him while at the Y. Makes you never want to stay at the Y. This was definitely something out there from the normal stories. It was very interesting and seemed to be based on a personal Hell of the writer. What with homosexual rape, drug use, domestic violence and suicide it covers about every depressing topic imaginable. A very depressing and dark story.

The second Hulk story was a welcome change of pace. A sort of how Banner has to deal with finding a change of clothes after a Hulk incident. A humorous and lighthearted story that was needed after such a dark and serious main story.

The Dominic Fortune story is ok. Once again there is nothing wrong with the basic premise. I just don’t feel anything for this character.

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