“Sheena Queen of the Jungle”
Writers: Steven E. De Souza & Robert Rodi
Artist: Matt Merhoff

Sheena and Kellerman have crashed the car they were escaping in into a tree. Kellerman wakes up to find a hired mercenary of Laura Jeffries waiting for him. Sheena and her animal friends have escaped into the jungle with the wounded Sheena. She meets up with Sky Father who is some old hippie that looks like he raised Sheena. He inspires her to go on and prepare to fight. Meanwhile Laura arrives with other mercenaries but most of them get taken out by Sheena. At the end Sheena decides that fighting them will get her nowhere so surrenders and mimics a socialite that she saw on TV. Kellerman intervenes and announces that Sheena is Cardwell’s long lost granddaughter and anyone who shoots her will be in serious trouble. It ends with the mercenary gunsights on Sheena.

Well this was a strange story. Jumps around a bit with flashbacks to Sheena’s childhood and the story with Jeffries hired thug a disgraced army captain. It seems that Sheena was raised by some kind of old hippie living in the jungle. When we meet him we don’t know if he’s real or a figment of Sheena’s imagination. Still it will be interesting to see how this all plays out in the next issue.

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